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We provide termite control and exterminator services to people, companies, and homeowners who live in the Pembroke Pines, Florida area. No matter your situation, if you are experiencing problems you should contact us immediately. They cause several billion dollars of damage in the world. They eat wood because of the cellulose found in it. One problem is that they invade your home and can start causing damage without you even knowing it. As shown in the picture on this page, they can do tremendous damage if left untreated. Let us provide the treatment solutions you need today!

Termite Extermination

How does a termite problem begin? It begins with them coming into your home and mating. They will bore into wood or soil and produce offspring. The offspring then feeds the two primary ones and themselves. Workers, soldiers, and others all work together and build tunnels and begin to eat wood because of the sugar in the cellulose. They are able to move throughout a house and can squeeze through tiny cracks. Once they are in your house they will began to cause silent damage. Not to worry though, there are different treatment options available.

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If you think you have termites in your home or in your business you should call anĀ  exterminator as soon as possible. They could be causing thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Proper extermination should be done quickly by qualified exterminators due to the potential damage that can take place. Contact us today at (954) 719-0289.